8 Moving Hacks that Cost You Nothing

Moving can be expensive. Moving is stressful. That is why you should use every trick at your disposal to make your move easier and less expensive. The following moving hacks cost you nothing and will have you kicking yourself for not utilizing them before.

1. Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize cords and prevent tangling.

The time spent untangling cords will make you tear your hair out. Utilizing this trick makes it quick and easy.

2. Wrap bottles of liquids such as shampoo in plastic wrap.

The plastic wrap should contain the liquid and prevent leaking.

3. Label boxes accurately on multiple sides of the boxes.

This allows you to read the labels even if they are stacked. JK offers color-coded labels that are a great help when it comes time to unpack.


4. Put your packing tape in the microwave if it loses its adhesiveness.

You’ll be surprised what a few seconds does to reinvigorate your tape.

5. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them for extra space.

6. While moving large or heavy furniture, place a towel underneath the furniture to avoid damaging the floors.

7. Keep your clothes on their hangers and then put them inside a trash bag for light protection.

This makes unpacking incredibly simple.


8. Take pictures of the back of your electronics before you unplug everything.

This way, you know where all the cords and cables go when you re-assembled everything.


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